The Link Again

November 25, 2009

Scottish pupils speak live to Falkland Island pupils.

The Link

November 25, 2009

There were two linking days, one for primary and one for secondary schools. On each day we had a very successful live webcam link to the Falkland pupils. Chosen pupils were able to speak to their peers in each country.

Various questions were asked, what hobbies do you do? ; do you see penguins everyday? ; how do you travel to school? One of the most unusual questions asked was ‘Do you eat penguin eggs and how do they taste?’ The answer was ‘Yes’ from some of the children but a resounding ‘No’ from the teacher! The teacher explained that in the past it was done but now for conservation reasons the penguin eggs should not be taken and eaten. Although she did go on to describe that in penguin eggs the yolk is pink and the ‘white’ remains clear even after cooking.

The Linking Days

November 25, 2009

First Polly and I would like to apologise for this late addition to the blog. We have both been very busy since our return from the Falklands and then the Orkney Islands.

On the 9th and 10th June 2009, the Falkland Island School Linking Project held its finale for the Primary and Secondary schools.

Representatives from the schools involved came to Edinburgh Zoo where we had various activities throughout the day including making penguin enrichment, interactive stories of life and culture of the Falklands and children performing their own interpretation of Scottish life!

Penguin enrichment

Going home by boat

April 30, 2009

After our day at Papa Westray school (Papay for short, as the locals call it) we go down to the harbour where we meet  the older children of Papay coming home from school on the school boat from the larger island of  Westray – a 30 minute boat journey across  the Papay Sound. This boat is how our Papay school teachers travel home and we go with them to Westray, along with Nils Olav our Penguin mascot who you may remember from our Falkland travels!!  Here Nils is helping navigate the boat……..




Papa Westray School

April 27, 2009

The school on Papa Westray has a role of 5 primary and 2 nursery children. It compares with the composite school at North Arm, East Falkland. Pupils are taught up to Primary 7 and then travel by the school bus and school boat to Westray for S1 – S4. For any further education, they would board at Kirkwall Hostel beside the Kirkwall Grammar School.

The pupils are enjoying learning about the Falkland Islands and completing the animal distribution jigsaw map.









Photos : Ailsa Seatter, Teacher Papa Westray.


Orkney – Papa Westray

April 27, 2009

papa-westray-beach-res1We arrived in Kirkwall at 11.ooam on Monday 20th April. Within the hour we made a very short visit to Kirkwall Grammar School and introduced some S1 pupils to the Falkland Islands.

Then we took the Islander plane to Papa Westray. The flight was just about 12 minutes!

Papa Westray is a small island west of Westray. Westray is the largest of the north islands of Orkney.

Papa Westray is only 4 miles long and 1 mile wide but although small it is a beautiful island with cliffs, sandy beaches, farmland and lochs.


Travelling teachers go to Orkney

April 16, 2009

Sandie and Polly are going to the Orkney Islands (off the northeast coast of Scotland) to deliver our Falklands Outreach lessons to some of the Orkney schools. Our main linking school in Orkney is on the small island of Papa Westray which we will get to by flying in a small 8-seater airplane – not unlike our visit to Hill Cove on West Falkland – see our photo below.  sandie-and-polly-as-travelling-teachers-res

We are travelling around Orkney from 20th April until 26th April. As we will only have limited internet access you will have to wait until our return back to Edinburgh Zoo to catch up on what we did and saw in Orkney, so watch this space!